Term and Condition

  1. Event booking and payment services are booking and payment services for events provided by IIGCE as the event organizer using an online ticket sales system via the IIGCE.COM site.
  2. In using the event booking service, users responsibly agree to always provide valid and valid data according to valid official identity to be used properly in the event booking process. All losses arising from user errors or negligence in providing the data required for this service are the sole responsibility of each user.
  3. The user agrees that every user action when using this service is based on the user’s consent, including (though not limited to) selecting event categories, selecting event schedules, selecting seats, ticket classes, number of tickets, filling in the number of participants and the identity of each participant, selecting payment methods, and so on.
  4. Any losses arising from the user’s negligence or error in understanding or following the ordering and payment procedures and procedures set out in these Terms & Conditions or the provisions of the event ticket ordering and purchasing service organizer, are not the responsibility of IIGCE.
  5. By ordering an event through this service, the user agrees to pay the total costs that must be paid as stated on the payment page on the website, which consists of the price of the event ticket and other costs that may arise and will be explained expressly on the payment page.
  6. Each booking session is limited by the event booking and payment deadline. Users agree to make payment before the ticket payment deadline ends. Payments outside the payment deadline are not permitted and the ordering session process will be canceled automatically, and is not IIGCE’s responsibility.
  7. The rules and regulations that apply during the event are the authority of IIGCE as the event organizer.
  8. Cancellation of events, changes to events, refunds, and other matters related to the use of event organizing services are the policy and responsibility of the event organizer with reference to the terms and conditions set by the event organizer.