Global climate change is real and one of the most important challenges we face today. Energy security is another vital issue that we face with the challenging geo-politics reservedly occurring globally. The energy transition toward renewable energy has emerged as a vital solution to these pressing global challenges. Geothermal energy, Indonesia’s indigenous resource that lies untapped beneath our chains of volcanoes, holds immense potential in transitioning to a sustainable energy future for Indonesia as the only baseload of renewable energy. It is a testament to the adaptability and inventive nature of human innovation, and a call for us to strategically utilize this underexploited resource to support the transition towards green energy.

The utilization of geothermal energy aligns with one of the goals set during the G20 Indonesia Presidency in 2022 – to diversify energy systems and mixes while reducing emissions from all energy sources. However, efforts to hasten geothermal exploration and exploitation in Indonesia still encounter significant challenges to date.

INAGA, a non-profit organization, has consistently organized the Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition (IIGCE). This year marks the 10th IIGCE with the theme “Powering Together: Stakeholder Unity in Geothermal Innovation and Acceleration”. It is designed to foster dialogue and encourage collaboration among geothermal stakeholders to discuss key issues to unlocking geothermal bottlenecking and accelerating geothermal development to support energy transition. The event promotes the latest advancements in the value creation of geothermal technology, project management, business schemes to lower development costs, as well as beyond energy business opportunities through a series of expert-led panels and workshops.

To accelerate geothermal growth, we need to collaborate as one. We can accelerate the exploitation of geothermal energy value by updating business models to expedite commercial operation dates (COD), lowering capital expenditure (CAPEX), and utilizing not only its primary product but also its secondary product. When innovative technological ideas are generated, value creation becomes even more valuable, with markets expanding to hydrogen energy and the carbon market. This shall open corridors for harnessing potential in more efficient methods, thus lowering capital expenditure (CAPEX) while creating a new stream of revenue from secondary sources. It will define the new way of geothermal development.

In closing, collaboration among innovators, industry leaders, policymakers, and enthusiasts who share a common vision for a sustainable energy landscape will be the driving force behind our collective journey toward a greener future. Let us seize this opportunity to learn, innovate, and collaborate as we work together to unlock the full potential of geothermal energy. Together, we can light the way to a brighter, cleaner future.




Julfi Hadi
President of INAGA