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Indonesian Geothermal Association

Over the past few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented global economic and social crisis. The pandemic has significantly affected all aspects of life and business, including the target of renewable energy development particularly in the geothermal sector.

It has caused reducing in the economic growth and also impacted to the geothermal investment.

The operations of the power plant are currently experiencing an unusual procedure which must follow the protocol as required by the government. This has resulted in a slower of the project development progress due to strict implementation of the protocol in order to prevent the Covid-19 spreading uncontrollably at the site. While for the geothermal new investment side, to add more installed capacity in attempt to catch up the target as set out under National Energy Policy, developers are hoping the government to improve current applicable regulation in term of tariff to meet the project economics and certainty of investment support.

In order  to keep supporting the renewable energy development particularly in the geothermal sector and also to update the latest technology and regulations in the geothermal sector, the Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA), as the premier association for Geothermal sector in Indonesia, is proud to bring you a special programs of an virtual event that is called “Digital Indonesia International Geothermal Convention (DIIGC) 2020” which will be held 8 – 10 September 2020 in conjunction with the 20th INAGA Annual Scientific Meeting. The theme in this special event is “The Future is Now: Committing Geothermal Energy for Indonesia’s Sustainable Development”.

It represents a great opportunity to build a great relationship with worldwide potential business partners and developers, as well as showcasing the latest Indonesia’s geothermal development and all support services in the geothermal sector.

This special program is still very important for INAGA and all the geothermal stakeholder to gather in the forum to discuss the challenges, opportunities, ideas and experience related to the geothermal development during the Covid-19 pandemic also more important will be afteror post pandemic and how geothermal industry will grow in supporting the green development. We believe, we are all in the same objectives and the event will be for the interest of all geothermal stakeholder.

INAGA and DIIGC 2020 are pleased to invite all of the geothermal stakeholders to support by participating and joining our special event and be part of a global gathering to review and to discuss a significant development in Indonesia’s geothermal energy by sharing the expertise the experience and update any latest technology development that will be for the benefit for geothermal development in Indonesia and the rest of the globe.

In this special event, INAGA will also conduct a series of certified workshop with a various interesting topics but with a limited seat for every topics in order to increase the capacity of our geothermal professionals.

Indonesian Geothermal Association

Prijandaru Effendi


Eko Agung Bramantyo

 DIIGC 2020

On behalf of Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) and as the Chairman of Digital Indonesia International Geothermal Convention (DIIGC) 2020, we are proud and are very pleased to be the host and main sponsor of this special Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA) event.

This is a special event in lieu of INAGA annual event “The Indonesia International Geothermal Convention and Exhibition (IIGCE) 2020” which should be held August this year. However, The Covid-19 pandemic has prevented us to conduct the event in a normal manners, such as gathering and exhibition in a conference hall.

The main theme of the DIIGC is “The Future is Now: Committing Geothermal Energy for Indonesia’s Sustainable Development”, it is a relevant theme in answering the issue on Indonesia’s commitment for emission reduction. Furthermore, Geothermal has been playing an important role in conjunction with the Energy transition as a Part of global Sustainability Development Goal (SDG’s).  It is a very important for the future of our only world.

PGE as the main developer of geothermal in Indonesia fully support this event and would be pleased to invite all the geothermal stakeholder and community to participate and let’s get together in the online meeting to discuss the geothermal development particularly in Indonesia in the current situation and toward the future. We would expect that the participants will share their expertise, their experience and all knowledge in order to support the geothermal development and will also update the latest technology that can be applied in Indonesia, that will help to reduce the development cost. This will also include on how to further proceed after or post Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s gain together all the benefits from this event.

We would like also to take the opportunity to brief the content of the DIIGC that will be divided into 2 (two) main events, they are the convention and technical paper presentation plus a special certified workshop program with a limited seat of participant on the basis first come on the registration through online.

The convention will be officially opened by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources  then followed by a series of talks by International and domestic experts in various topics. In addition, The technical presentation will start early prior to starting the convention and the workshop will be followed thereafter. Please refer to the detail of the program as posted on the website of IIGCE.

Once again on behalf of PGE and INAGA, we would like to express our appreciation for participating and joining the DIIGC. See you all in the special virtual event by INAGA.

Yours sincerely,

Eko Agung Bramantyo
Chairman DIIGC 2020

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